Ready to start or restart your career?

Here at Xtenserv, we believe our team members are our most important resource. This is why we provide our employees with challenging work, give them the opportunity to learn and grow, and maintain a work environment of support and camaraderie.

Why Work at Xtenserv?

Work-Life Fit

The notion of “balance” between your work and life may be subjective or unrealistic, so we offer you work-life fit instead. With Xtenserv, we help you make a career out of your skills and passion, and give you the flexibility as you progress through different stages in your personal and professional lives.

Continuous Learning

While most companies’ attention is on technical skills, we focus on commitment, communication skills, and customer service. We make sure that learning is a daily experience at Xtenserv where technical skills are acquired and developed, and communication skill is honed. We train our team members to become agile and solution-oriented.

Holistic Approach

After we discover the strengths and spot the weaknesses of our staff in performance evaluation, we help them through feedback. We provide training and follow through, and never fail to guide and counsel each team member. Now this is what we call a holistic approach.

Individuality and Teamwork

As diverse and individual skills come together for a common goal, that’s when effective meets efficient. Each team member here is expected to contribute and make a difference. We encourage collaboration, regardless of roles, to combine the brightest ideas and turn them into actions that produce great results.

Value and Respect

We believe that keeping our team members feel valued and respected gives us a very good chance of being able to retain our top performers. Other than the fair and competitive pay, we recognize the value of our staff’s contributions and reward them through our various incentive programs.

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