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Xtenserv is a Philippine-based provider of outsourcing services that lets companies tap into global knowledge and capabilities. Our talent pool is one of the best in the business. We offer complete outsourcing solutions to various companies in the United States, Europe, and Australia to help them focus more on their core business functions.

Our Top Services

Non-voice Customer Service

Whether it involves processing orders from your customers, providing help desk services, or processing claims through e-mails or chat/IM support, we deliver the utmost excellence in customer services.

Virtual Assistance

We help you find a remote assistant who can sort your e-mails, manage your flight schedules, handle your calendar, and other tasks that are best delegated so you may focus on growing your business.

Back Office Management

We provide professional outsourcing services in forms processing, data entry, and database management and conversion to keep your database up-to-date and accurate.


We offer audio and video transcription services for specialised areas like the medical and legal field, as well as general transcription, to give you faster turnaround time and more accurate documents.

It’s fun here

We are constantly on the lookout for highly dedicated people to add to our talent pool. We strive to maintain a dynamic but professional work environment to enable our teams to feel passionate about their work.

Your success is our business

We are committed to helping you grow your business and improve your operational performance. Through offshore outsourcing, you can increase the efficiency of your organization’s in-house team so they can focus more on revenue-generating activities.

We aim to deliver in a cost-effective manner so you can leverage your key resources and add value to your clients. Now you can expand your presence and grow your business, and feel secure that your company is in good, professional hands.

Xtenserv did a great job

Xtenserv did a great job helping me out with my customers this summer. I will hire them again when the busy season starts.

Customer Response & Call Center Client

Very fast and very good work

Very fast and very good work. This is an excellent service provider.

Web Research Client

My preferred data entry partner

Xtenserv is my preferred data entry partner not just because they keep the cost down but primarily because the quality of the data entry is extremely good, the work is delivered on time, and my relationship with the team is strong.

Data Entry Client

Fast, instant, always available service

Fast, instant, always available service. Lending intelligence, foresight and care to critical tasks and technical skills to match. Stop the bids—hire them now.

Office Management Client

These guys are truly amazing

These guys are truly amazing. On my first couple of projects, I didn’t use them. My mistake. It was a close call, and I originally went with a different company. Eventually, I decided to give them a try, and was amazed with the experience. Unmatched professionalism with constant update on project status. Amazing work, amazing price, probably the best I have seen on Elance. Thank you Xtenserv.

Data Collection and Entry Client

Wonderful experience

I have had a wonderful experience with Xtenserv’s service providers and have been impressed with their promptness and exactitude in rendering transcriptions to the letter and doing various other projects. I highly recommend Xtenserv to any service provider looking for Virtual Assistants with professionalism, attention to detail, and timeliness. You’ll be glad you hired this provider—they’re one of the best, and I will definitely use them again!

Office Management Client

Highly recommended

I highly recommend this service provider.

Mailing List Development Client

I have high expectations

I have high expectations, but these people have been working for us steadily for over two years now, and they are great—they work hard, they deliver what they promise, they are technologically proficient, and they meet my exacting quality standards.

Administrative Support Client

Customer service needs for over a year

Xtenserv has been serving my clients’ customer service needs for over a year. While I’m still guiding and training them in some areas, I found them to be very competent, dependable and responsible to carry-out nearly all functions of my e-mail based customer service center. In this capacity, they successfully and effectively interact and integrate their services with my clients, call center, test tutors, company administrators and others. In fact, based on some samples of my clients, I have found that they are very satisfied with how Xtenserv handled their needs within a 24 hour window. Due to this, I find I can sleep at night and depend on them to fulfill the needs of my clients. My goal is to increase client services efficiency as I further train them and try to stay within the budget as much as possible. I hope to continue to avail the  services of Xtenserv for long term business relationship.

Customer Response & Help Desk Support Client

Good work supplied by Xtenserv

Good work supplied by Xtenserv. They did a good job on their first project with us. The job was quite demanding in terms of detail and specificity and on top of this we were working on a deadline. Xtenserv put in additional hours to ensure the work was finished on time, which we were very pleased about.

Administrative Assistance Client
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